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Hi Beavers,
As promised, here is what I sent, and what I received for "Creative Wood Badge Ticket Ideas." 
***************Initial Message****************
Hi Gang,
It's been awhile since I've posted here.  So let's fill you in.  I started taking Wood Badge this year.  Had our 1st weekend 2 weeks ago, and now preparing for the 2nd Weekend at the end of this month.  As per all Wood Badgers, I'm planning on my ticket. 
Our Troop has achieved every goal we have come up with since I became SM in '99.  We've increased our membership by 640% (5 Scouts to now 32), increased Adult Leadership (12 CM's/1 ASM to 22 CM's/6 ASM's), increased Advancement, have a successful recruiting plan etc. . . .  we could go on forever. 
I am looking for "creative" WB Ticket ideas to "Serve our Troop."    My District Leadership wants to "encourage" me to work the Ticket for the District, however, My devotion is to work it FOR the Troop.  Let our Scouts benefit from the Task I have to complete. (I used to be on District Scout RT Staff, until it took more time away from the Troop)
Here is our Website, to give you a little more insight as to where we are.   
Here is our NE-111-162 Beaver Patrol Site: 
OK, with the vast and deep knowledge/experience we have on this list, I am sincerely looking forward to any and all of your suggestions. 
Yours in Scouting Spirit,
John M. Papp
Scoutmaster Troop 357
Rotterdam, Schenectady, Scotia, Ballston Lake & Ravena, New York
Eagle Class of '77
"I used to be a Beaver. . . . "   NE-111-162
                (ACTUALLY, I still AM!!)
**********************E-mail Responses thus far**********************
We're responding off-line so as to avoid telling secrets to the masses who
haven't been to WB yet. Since you've finished your first weekend, we'll go
ahead and discuss the "secret" workings of tickets.  
Remember that the Wood Badge Ticket (A Personal Statement of Vision and
Mission) says that your ticket will (check one or both) Strengthen Me and/or
Strengthens My Group.  You don't have to increase numbers or percentage of
training to Strengthen Your Group.  Think outside the box....  If you learn
a new skill yourself and then teach it to the Troop, e.g. First Aid
Instructor, CPR instructor (you don't have to be a licensed health care
professional to do this), you've strengthened the troop.  Think perhaps of
how much you've grown and how that might have caused some communication
glitches - is there something you could do to improve communication?  Maybe
a Parent's Resource booklet or link on your website?  With all the high
adventure stuff you do, what about having your release form reviewed?  I
(Pat) am working on my ticket to draft a release that adds permission to
administer medication in the event of illness or injury (Benadryl, Epipen,
Tylenol, Dramamine, Imodium, etc.) and that might be useful for a high
adventure troop out in the wilderness.  If you haven't already done it, what
about taking a Wilderness First Aid course?  Benefits you and the Group.  Or
become a certified Climbing instructor - that benefits the group.  What
about JLT instruction, could that be boosted?  What about organizing a Troop
Committee Challenge for your group? What about arranging to have an Eagle
scout adult come every few months to talk to the boys about how his scouting
career (and being Eagle) has helped him in his career path?  We had a great
speaker come once - he was a pediatric surgeon who, as an 18-year-old Eagle
Scout, had gone on an Antarctic expedition for two months.  He is only one
of a few Eagles who've ever had this opportunity.  He brought photos
(including the one of him shaking hands with Ronald Reagan) and taught the
boys a great deal about how scouting really fit into what he was doing, and
how it prepared him to spend those 2 months with adult scientists and "Be
Okay, we're droning on now.  There's always room for improvement, just think
in terms of things other than numbers of people and the outings themselves.
Just think of a new means of growth - other than numbers.  Besides,
Baden-Powell said 32 boys was the perfect number of boys in a Troop (grin).
Good luck!
Wally Shaw (I used to be a Fox SR-556)
Pat Shaw (I used to be an Antelope SR-556)
Working our tickets in Birmingham, AL
Hi John. 
I'm currently working my ticket.  I have one down and four to go.
1.  Staff Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills (significant
        role)  ---- DONE
2.  Conduct "FUN NIGHT" for minority elementary school
        (hispanic) and/or minority church (African American)
        with Pinewood Derby cars for boys who've not been
        exposed to Cub Scouts to enjoy.  --- MY DIVERSITY
3.  Produce a "buddy book" with troop rules, songs, skits,
        cookbook, prayers and scout service outlines, etc.
        for use with new boys.
4.  Arrange a recurring SCOUTMASTER-ONLY meeting with the
        other troops in town.  (a lot of animosity,
        competitiveness, and backbiting)  Goal is to work
        together to grow scouting exposure in our town
        WITHOUT putting each other down or destructive
5.  Get patrols to implement better patrol method...Goal
        is to have at least one patrol earn the Baden-Powell
        award.  (I have told my boys if all 3 patrols earn
        the BP award in a single 12 month period, I'll allow
        the SPL to shave my head at a camporee campfire)
Don't know if any of these will spark ideas for ya.  Good luck.
By the way...pass the following song along to your Bobwhite patrol,
I used to be a Bobwhite
And a mean old Bobwhite too.
I've eaten me an eagle, a fox and beaver stew.
I'm getting rather hungry,
And I don't know what to do.
So I'm going to catch a staffer if I can.
Back to dinner, frying pan,
I'm going to eat a staffer if I can.
Back to Gilwell,
OR...You could modify it for a Beaver song (swapping Bobwhite and Beaver
in the lyrics).  Anyhow...have fun.
Mark Johnson
SM T-281
Longhorn Council
The Colony, TX
>> I use to be an OWL, and a good old OWL too!
At 01:16 AM 9/5/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>I am looking for "creative" WB Ticket ideas to "Serve our Troop."    My
>District Leadership wants to "encourage" me to work the Ticket for the
>District, however, My devotion is to work it FOR the Troop.  Let our
>Scouts benefit from the Task I have to complete.
Is there a way you can do both?  Something that will benefit your boys and
the District?  Some possibilities:
--leadership training.  Lots of Troops don't do this as well as they should.
--recruit MB counselors and put together a list. Go beyond the standard
Eagle-required & other popular badges.
--sounds like you're great at Troop-building.  How about sharing your
experience & expertise with others?
Remember that anything you do to benefit Scouting in your area will, in the
end, benefit your Troop.
Mark W. Arend, Scoutmaster                Outside of a dog a book is
Troop 736                                     Man's best friend.  Inside
Beaver Dam, Wisc.                             of a dog it's too dark       
                                             to read.
                                                         --Groucho Marx
Wood you like my input? Dam that was a bad wood badge joke. (And from an antelope.)
Doing something for district and troop is simple and easy.
Create a patrol book for the boys and a district book for the other troops.
I can give you more info if you need it, just reply with your phone number and I will call you with the details.
District camp out planning guide
contains all forms and guide lines plus time line.
same as above but for troops
For your troop, the above for the adults and a troop book for the scouts.
All (MOST) info can be downloaded from the web and compiled into the book.
Ken Spiegel
(Ken is a good friend of mine on Long Island, we met through the Scouts-L Email list, met on L.I. Camp Alpine, the National Jambo in '01 and since been real good friends through Scouting.   JP)
One thing I have noticed is the use of teaching Leave No Trace as a
ticket item.  Many Scouters want to take a trainer course.
Right now I am trying to get together a course for a Wood Badger, I
guess that should be a Scouter taking Wood Badge, out Northwest of
LNT training sounds like a good ticket item.
Ted Beblowski
I used to be a Beaver
(Ted is from Twin Rivers, and THE resource for Leave No Trace Presentations.)
Note that you could do one or more tickets for the district, but still do
tickets for the troop.  They don't have to be all for one or the other.  I
did 3 for my troop, 1 for the district and 1 for the crew; as an example.
I just finished last week too!
Brad :)
Have you thought about collecting monies for a library of merit badges.
Also, start a video collection for your troop, including YP, basic training for
leaders, ect.
Jan Eldridge                         I used to be an Eagle
ASM Troop 237                     Vigil Honor
Wilmington, NC                     Cape Fear Council
Why don't you try sponsoring a district-wide
Webelos-to-Troops camporee.  This will take care of
the District headache as well as a recruiting tool for
your troop.  Good luck and let me know what happens.
Greg Olgin
SA-T395, PT-3329, Lorain OHIO
UC/Cub Training Staff/BALOO, Den Chief
Coordinator-Great Frontier District, Heart Of Ohio
Vigil Honor-Portage Lodge
"I used to be a FOX..." EC-468-92W
Do you have annual troop JLTs?  How about more adventurous trips out of
state?  Are many of your Scouts den chiefs for packs? Would the troop be
interested in planning a mini-camporee for nearby packs?  Those are some
ticket items I've seen for troops who were turning around.
One of my ticket items was to plan a trip to a national facility and do a
service project there.  Previously, the troop hadn't ventured more than
about 70 miles from home.  We went about 250.  The boys had a great time
(although adults grumbled about "going too far").
- Tee
I'm afraid I can't help you with creative ticket items - it's so dependent
on the particulars of the troop.   However, as a staffer this past spring,
I will offer support for you doing your ticket for your troop.  The ticket
should be based on your primary scouting role, and it appears that your
"primary" position is SM.  It doesn't matter what your district leadership
wants.  If you were to change that primary position, then you could revise
those ticket items not yet completed to be consistent with that new position.
Susan Best
Used to be an Eagle
Staffer of NE-IV 160
our scoutmaster just built a 12 x 20 shed to store all our equiptment. We
built a Pinewood track, raingutter regatta setup, crossover bridge, in the
last 2 years and needed the room to store them. He definitly worked the
ticket for us. The shed was bought through donations and he organized the
land and labor.
Ike Roberts

When a participant has completed his ticket to the satisfaction of himself and his ticket counselor he is awarded is Wood Badge beads or regalia.  This presentation should be made in front of his/her peers or preferably that of their own unit.  When I have done presentations in a unit setting, I like to tell the boys that their Scoutmaster (or other) has usually worked several hundred hours to achieve this award and it would be like them working 3 or 4 Eagle projects. This really builds the respect of the boys toward their leader.