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Hi Beavers,
Here is your Scribes Notes from our Patrol Meeting tonight, or in this case last night 9/7/03.  If I should happen to miss anything, please let me know and I will be glad to add it to our Notes. 
From this e-mail, these notes will also be put on our Web Site for ease of viewing. 
It was a Great Meeting, it is sincerely an Honor for me to be a part of this patrol.  Thank You.
NEXT PATROL MEETING: Sunday September 21st, 2003 6:30PM until ? 
                              NEXT   Agenda:                 complete our Patrol Project
                                                                          view completed Totems
                                                                          wrap up details for shopping for the following weekend.
        The Patrol $$ ($180 at $20/person for 6 Patrol Members and 3 Staff) should be delivered/sent by 9/15/03. 
        We are all now assigned a meal, and will shop for that meal.  Save all Receipts, submit to our Patrol Leader Don, and we will be reimbursed. 
Shopping Assignments are:
        Friday Lunch:  Vern
        Friday Dinner: Cray       
        Cracker barrel: Jim/Dave
        Saturday Breakfast: Dave
        Saturday Lunch: John
        Saturday Feast: Don
        Cracker barrel: Jim/Dave
        Sunday Breakfast: Jim
"Whatever we Open, we Cook."   . . . .now about that diet.
Vern will be taking care of the charcoal and fluid. 
Dutch Oven Inventory (redux)
        Dave 2
        Jim 1
        Cray 1
For Menu Details, view our website or e-mail previously sent.
The Beaver Patrol will be sharing the "Charlie Wood Campsite" with the Eagle Patrol next weekend. 
Equipment UPDATE:
        Tarp, Rakes, Brooms, Shovels will be available in site
        We are all bringing our own Tents, to show Diversity in Tastes/Choices/Budgets from unit to unit. 
        We are all bringing our own Chairs for in camp.
        Lantern        John
        Stove            John
        Propane        John
        Folding Camp Table        Cray
        Garbage Bags        John
        Clean Up Box        John
        Water Jug (5 gal)         John
        Rope        Jim & Dave
        "Jim's Box"          Jim   (This box carry's everything NOT to forget on a campout, all I can envision is that it must be the size of a Truck, as I've forgotten a LOT of items over the years!)
Beaver Patrol Project UPDATE
        Patches are all set, inventoried and ready for sewing/velcro  (Dave)
        Display is ready for building         Jim
        Graphics for Display Board delivered by John
        Mannequin(s) Delivered courtesy of Boscov's and the Gap.   Dave & Cray
                Webelos Neckerchief & Slide         Dave
                Scout Neckerchief & Slide         John
TOTEMS Update,
        Our Beaver Patrol Totem has now been designed, and we have been given the materials to complete our own Pocket Piece.  The Final Design has been photographed, and will be sent to all of us within the next day so we can get to work.  We will also post the final design on the Web Site for all to view.
We are expected to have our individual Pocket Piece Totems completed by the next Patrol Meeting, only items needed are an X-Acto Knife, Flat Head and Phillips Screw Driver.  Each member shouldn't have to take more than an hour or so to complete their Pocket Pieces.  Members Initials are to be stamped on back. 
Friday Night is the Scheduled Troop 1 Campfire. 
John will be contacting the Eagles PL with our request to open with the Campfire Ashes Ceremony you received this weekend, as well as for them to schedule us for a Song later during the Program.  We "just" found the perfect Song, and will propose it to the Eagles.    (We've already copied the Song into MS Word, enlarged the type for those of us sight deficient, and will try to make enough copies for the Audience)  
 All are requested to bring an empty Film Canister to carry the Ashes in.  It would be nice if we could get about 50 empty film canisters for the entire troop.  Our plan was to provide each patrol with a "Zip-Loc Bag" of Ashes for them to divide for each of their members.    However, if we could get enough Film canisters. . . . . . . . . . .  We will try to make the Campfire List of 1330 Campfires available on the Web Site immediately following the weekend for everyone to download. 
Sunday Scouters Own Worship Services:
Word is that all the Chaplains were "relieved" to get our Chaplains Aide Booklet available on our Web Site.  Glad we could help.  The Beavers Patrol will be doing the Scout Law "Kum-By-Yah" song to close the Service. 
Ticket Discussion:
We talked candidly about the expectations, ideas available for our Tickets.  There are a lot of ideas, and everyone was sent a post we received from fellow members of the Scouts-L E-mail List this weekend.  It was also discussed that we have the "Authority to Change" if at first we don't succeed. . . . .   Time Average is 1 year, however, many have been done with their ticket in 6 months.  With the Extreme being 30 Days.   Personally speaking, I have such a busy Troop Program that I'm shooting for earlier. 
Presentation is done by our Troop 1 Scoutmaster Bob Fagan, Troop Guide Ross, and Ticket Counselor.  With having our Beaver Patrol members in attendance as an "Option."  Right then and there, we all agreed that we would like to be a part of all our Beavers Presentations, and  will plan to do so.    "All for one, and One for ALL!" 
NE-111-162 Beaver Patrol Flag
Just prior to leaving, I asked a question as to whether we could create our own "Beaver Patrol" Flag, and our Troop Guide said "Yes by all means."  Soooooo, I'm in the process of designing, and will forward the design to everyone, then go ahead and create prior to our Next Patrol Meeting.
And that's all the news for now.  I've got to get to work on my Totem, the Patrol Flag, getting this on the Web, and the Friendship Gifts.  See you all in two weeks.
Respectfully Submitted,
Yours in Scouting Spirit,
Scribe Beaver Patrol NE-111-162 
"An informed Patrol, is one who knows what they are doing. . ."