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Patrol Leaders,

Attached are a couple of files with examples of totems.
Some guidelines for your totems:
(1) the totem is in 2-D not 3-D
(2) represents your patrol
(3) contains the characters "NE III 162"
(4) should not require a Fine Arts degree in order to reproduce it
(5) members should have some distinguishing feature in their totem
makes their totem different from the other totems in the

As you can see from the attachments, it is pretty hard to figure out what the
courses are that are represented by the totems but the owners can point out
their course number and what makes it unique. Most of the time you can figure
out what the patrol is but not always. Some are very abstract!

Keep up the good work!

In the spirit of Wood Badge,
Bob Fagan


Above is a Beaver Patrol Totem completed by our own Dave Croteau.


Attachments are available by emailing our PL Don or John Papp